1. Splice (2009)

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    Sergius Hruby

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    Sergius Hruby - Belehrung (1935)

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  5. nuclearharvest:

    by Valerie Patterson

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  6. cinemagorgeous:

    Artist Jakub Rozalski likes to visualize mechanized beings in unusual places.

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  7. classykittennLeone Frollo

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    Weronika Kolinska’s Cthulhu, Unrest (t-shirt design)

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  9. magictransistor:

    Watts Mortuary Chapel, Compton, Surrey, England.

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  10. capturedphotos:

    17 Minutes in 2 Seconds

    I left my GoPro on a rock to take a video of the sun setting in Caspersen beach while I walked around and took pictures. Awesome decision!

    Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

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    Mientras tanto, en un universo paralelo…

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  14. Fight Club (1999)

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    Dracula (1992)