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    jeffrey catherine jones

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    Digital painting/illustration by “Z”
    © 2014 (Z) Daniel J Zollinger.


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    Daniel Clowes - “Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron”, Eightball # 1, splash page, 1989 - Fantagraphics

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    Atomic Children | Giger

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    There’s just something about this - Imgur

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  8. Polly by Nirvana

    "The song “Polly” is about the 1987 rape of a 14-year-old girl named Polly. Kurt wrote it, retelling the story of Polly’s escape from her abductor. Polly was coming out of a concert and Gerald Arthur Friend kidnapped her. Gerald Friend then tied her up in his mobile home, raped, and tortured her. Polly was able to gain Friend’s trust by telling him that the torture was boring her and he then untied her. While Friend stopped for gas, Polly was able to get out of the vehicle. In the song, the speaker is Friend and it goes through how Polly got away. Even Kurt writes the song to praise what Polly did: “Polly says her back hurts; She’s just as bored as me; She caught me off my guard; Amazes me the will of instinct”. Despite this, Cobain’s anti rape songs (Floyd the Barber, Rape Me, and Polly) have been misinterpreted to be pro-rape, and both songs, “Polly”, and, “Rape Me”, have been used by assailants during reported assaults. Kurt once heard there was a group of boys that raped a girl while singing “Polly”, spurring Kurt to fight back in the liner notes of Incesticide, saying that the boys were, “a waste of sperm and eggs”, and that he, “has a hard time carrying on knowing that plankton like that were in his audience.” Kurt would have the same response to the guy from Steubenville who posted a tweet saying that, ‘Song of the night is definitely Rape Me by Nirvana.’” (x)

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    stunning, gorgeous, love

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  12. Bisley,Fistful of Blood.

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    Ashley Wood

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